Water Heating

Alternative heating systems, including solar and waste heat recovery, capture free energy for your home. Your home’s hot water needs can also be reduced by the use of the high-performance energy systems installed in most SunTerra homes. If you choose a heat pump for space heating, a desuperheater can be added to reduce your water heating cost by more than 50 percent. Active solar in many areas is a good choice for preheating your hot water. It can contribute up to 80 percent of the energy needed.

Because some high-performance systems require a substantial initial expenditure when compared to conventional equipment, the expense of a system and its savings potential are extremely important considerations. The availability of solar energy, cost of utilities, the siting of your home, equipment and installation costs, energy savings, etc. must all be carefully evaluated. The Conservation Guide helps you sort through all these issues.

Many states and utility companies offer financial rebates and tax credits for the use of alternative energy systems to help offset the additional installation expense.