Green Homes

A green home is a home designed to be energy and space efficient while providing healthy air quality, and comfort to its occupants. Green homes are also sustainable homes built to maximize our resources and create less impact on the environment. A green home is an asset to the community by improving a homeowner's quality of life with luxury and style.

Healthy Green Homes

Responsibility for controlling a home's pollutant sources lies with both the builder and the homeowner. Careful selection of construction materials and finishes inside the house can be very effective in eliminating the sources of air pollution from the building itself. However, even if non-polluting materials are used in construction, the occupant may move in with particle board furniture, aerosols, and cleaners that will permeate the house in a matter of hours.

There are other pollutants generated by occupants that cannot be eliminated at the source. Carbon dioxide and moisture have to be managed by either dehumidification or exhausting to the outside of the building. Exhausting warm, moist, house air, however, has obvious energy penalty.

Home exhaust systemControlled ventilation maintains indoor health and comfort. Air quality in homes has become poor as builders strive to make homes tighter. SunTerra Homes realized it is not practical to try to build a home so it leaks just enough but not too much.

The SunTerra approach is to build as tight as economically possible and include controlled, heat-recovery ventilation. This assures healthy air quality, reduces heat loss, and keeps homes cleaner and more comfortable.

Affordable Green Homes

SunTerra has always evaluated energy-saving features cost effectively--if it saves more in energy cost than it adds to the mortgage interest expense per year, do it! Don't settle for a standard constructed home when you can receive more value for less cost with the right choice of energy saving features in a Sunterra home.

Energy Saving Features Comparison Chart

This graph illustrates annual cash flow only and does not show your equity gain at your home's resale. You acquire more equity at no expense to you for the energy saving features.


Sustainable Green Homes

Energy conservation, superior indoor environmental quality, and resource efficiency make SunTerra a leader in sustainability.

SunTerra Homes incorporate a number of sustainable features, including high levels of energy efficiency, healthy indoor air, and resource efficiency.

Many SunTerra designs are characterized by small, efficient floor plans that limit resource consumption. Good site integration and passive solar features offer cozy comfort and free energy.

SunTerra also recommends materials that promote health and reduce natural resource requirements. These include: Forest Stewardship Council certified lumber, recycled content building materials, fluorescent lighting, low-VOC paints and finishes, and high-efficiency appliances to name a few.