Modern Home/Contemporary Home

The dictionary definition of modern is: “Just now. Relating to, or characteristic of the present.” SunTerra’s definition: A modern home design for today’s home owner providing the latest in cost effective, energy efficient, comfortable, healthy, green, sustainable technology.

Green Home Design Concepts

Besides energy efficiency, there are other key elements unique to all of our designs. Affordable means just that. Starting the first year, properly chosen features should return more dollars in energy savings than they will cost you annually. Style is enhanced through the utilization of open designs, solariums, earth berming, and low maintenance exteriors. Protecting against rising energy prices adds to your security and your home’s future value.

Our ongoing commitment is to research and evaluating new products and construction techniques, incorporating those we find to be of true value into each new SunTerra design.

Space Efficient Green Homes

The days of bragging about how big of a home you own we think is over. Incorporating efficient use of space within a home design comes with years of experience. The less square footage needed, the less construction cost and less heat loss.

SunTerra strives to make the best use of space in their designs by:

  • Creating an open floor plan design (eliminating as many walls as possible).
  • Developing traffic patterns to reduce the need for hall area.
  • Obtain multiple uses of space where appropriate (more than one function per area).
  • Use radius walls to improve traffic flow and create a larger appearance.
  • Use the interior volume by not wasting available space.
  • Sculpture the interior by building in furniture, lighting, etc.
  • Choose a well insulated exterior wall system that does not eat up interior space due to its excessive thickness.

Energy Efficient Building Shape

Building shape is also a major concern for a good, energy efficient, modern home design. Our goal is to design an attractive home with the least amount of exterior surface area without sacrificing good aesthetic appeal.

The shape of a home can play a considerable role in how energy efficient it is. A more compact, open-design concept can maximize interior space use, while reducing exterior wall surface area.

When we reduce the surface area, we reduce heat transfer. Shapes that achieve good ratios of surface area to volume are more energy efficient.

Passive Solar Home Site

Most SunTerra home designs are developed to maximize the positive effects of solar radiation upon the building. Room locations are chosen to attempt matching the occupancy time with the sun’s location (i.e. breakfast nook to the east for morning sun).

The actual location of your home on your building site should be made with respect to the openness and availability of sunshine, as this is one of the most important decisions you will make about your home.

In areas where heating is a primary concern, the use of the low winter sun’s energy is very effective. Remember that the natural vegetation and landscape are important to the site. At their best, trees can be very effective windbreaks during the winter, as well as providing shade in the summer.

Earth Sheltered Home

Earth sheltering is a significant benefit if your lot is conducive. SunTerra--the sun and earth combined for comfort! This is the blending of the SunTerra home with its site to help achieve a low profile, in addition to providing energy savings.

Smart planning and design leads to improved comfort, better livability, and money and energy savings. A home that will serve your enjoyment for years to come.

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