Energy Efficient Conservation Guide

The Conservation Guide is provided with all our green home plan sales. The guide provides the latest information in building science and conservation learned by SunTerra in the past 30 years building energy efficient homes. This information will enable you to build a comfortable, energy efficient, sustainable SunTerra home of your own with the same features that produced our National award-winning achievements.

Purchase Conservation Guide

The Conservation Guide in print form plus compact disc can be purchased separately for $99.00. If you choose to buy a Sunterra house plan at a later date, $90.00 will be reimbursed to you for your chosen plan purchase.

When you purchase your plan, please call us at 541-389-4733 for a $90.00 Conservation Guide reimbursement.

Sunterra's Conservation Guide for $99

SunTerra Home's Conservation Guidebook


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Conservation Guide Sampler

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